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Sep 27, 2017

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Fall 2017 


Trib to moderate discussion on 3D printing with PwC, CMU, Tribune Review 

Understanding muscle movement, Department of Bioengineering blog, University of Pennsylvania


Optimizing additive manufacturing for 3-D printing stronger, lighter parts, Treehugger 

Can Tesla disrupt the trucking market with it's electric semi truck?, Forbes 

College students get virtual look at the real world with Minecraft, EdTech Magazine 

Six common misconceptions about CAFE policy, Automotive News 

Fuel economy standards cheaper, more beneficial than previously believed, New Kerala (India) 

Letters to the editor, The Economist 

Electric car chargers popping up in Western Pa., Tribune-Review 

Electrifying Pennsylvania transportation system, Post-Gazette 


Summer 2017 

Amazon's Turker crowd has had enough, Wired 

Monogahela robotics engineering finds time for trio of diverse pursuits, Observer-Report 

Industry experts explore growth of additive manufacturing in Pittsburgh and beyond, NEXT Pittsburgh 

Exclusive-Tesla Developing Self-Driving Tech for Semi-Truck, Wants to Test in Nevada, Reuters, New York Times, Business Insider, The Times of India, U.S. News & World Report 

Researchers try to crack Tesla's Model 3 battery, Axios 

A cross-country trip from the future, Medium 

Carnegie Mellon engineering prof teaches materials science with Minecraft, Campus Technology 

Minecraft included in mechanical engineering course at CMU to teach the properties of materials, FirstPost  

The future of organ banking, Alliance of Advanced BioMedical Engineering 

A guide to deconstructing the battery hype cycle, Gizmodo 

Toyota claims a leap that would vastly increase electric-car range, Axios 

Robotic exoskeleton adapts while it's worn, Scientific American 

Full transcript: Tolga Kurtoglu, CEO of Silicon Valley research company PARC, on Recode Decode, Recode

Instead of hacking self-driving cars, researchers are trying to hack the world they see, Axios

This CMU spinoff wants building robots to feel like playing with LEGOS, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 

Human locomotion, robotic exoskeletons and prostheses, Robotics Tomorrow 

As other counties sell nursing homes, Fitzgerald says no plan to privatize Kane facilities, 90.5 WESA (NPR)  

Keep on trucking, Carnegie Mellon Today 

Hackers could confuse driverless cars by manipulating what they see, Jalopnik  

Carnegie Mellon makes progress with exoskeleton technology, Houston Chronicle 

The key to making therapeutic robotics more efficient: a human touch, The Sydney Morning Herald 

Air pollution is as unhealthy as secondhand smoke, a new study says, Public Radio International

These stairs recycle your energy so they're easier to climb, PBS NewsHour 

Energy-recycling stairs could add a spring to your step, The Conversation

New assistive stairs put a spring in your step,

Seven issues to look out for in metal 3D printing,

Motor-assisted ankle brace saves energy while walking, The Blade 

Could the U.S. ever ban gas-powered cars like France wants to do?, Fortune 

Carnegie Mellon researchers develop inexpensive air quality monitors, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

No Iron Man suits yet, but CMU is making progress with exoskeleton technology, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

These boots could save a firefighter's life, 

Not yet time for Tesla, E21 

Pittsburgh medical device group makes its mark in Europe, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 

Why 'greener' gas-powered vehicles aren't as clean as you think, Live Science

Eco-friendly cars with 'cleaner' tech can still cause harm; Stricter emission standards not the main solution, International Business Times

Improving mobility for people with prosthetic limbs, Science 360 

walking clutch

Source: Department of Mechanical Engineering

CMU researchers incorporate direct feedback into walking technology, The O&P EDGE 

Optimum human input exoskeleton with 17-31% efficiency gains, NextBigFuture 

An algorithm customizes exoskeletons to fit a person's needs, Engadget 

NASA funding troubled electric jet research, The Daily Caller

Researchers optimize a powered exoskeleton to cut energy used in walking, Ars Technica

How scientists are crafting a better robotic exoskeleton using CGI, Outer Places 

New way to optimize exoskeletons helps to drastically improve their efficiency, MedGadget

Exoskeleton adjusts to how you walk, Global News 

Can donor organs be frozen to save lives later?, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

NASA, airlines are trying to put all-electric jets in the air, Axios

Engineering smart tattoos, SciTech Now (PBS)

Personalized exoskeleton makes walking easier, Axios

‘Additional controls needed’ to curb PM formation in urban areas, Automotive World 

Want to walk on the moon? It's a (virtual) reality, TribLive 

One-size-fits-all exosuits don’t work: we need exo-tailoring, The Verge 

Exoskelett--die schlaue Gehhilfe, Deutschlandfunk

Is your job robot-proof?, Popular Mechanics

Smart exoskeleton adjusts to individual users, Voice of America News

Prosthetic limbs that take feedback from human body to be reality soon, Financial Express 

Soon, prosthetic limbs shall start taking feedback from the human body, Hindustan Times  

Watch as these exoskeletons auto-adjust to people's steps, Motherboard 

Wearable technology could save lives and dollars in construction industry, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 

Customizable 'smart' exoskeleton learns from your steps, Live Science

Exoskeletons don't come one-size-fits-all...yet, Wired


Spring 2017

HuMoTech's robotic feet make it easier to test drive a bunch of different prosthetics, TechCrunch 

DOE awarding $2M to CMU-led project to develop PGM-free cathodes for fuel cells, Green Car Congress 

Controls for additive manufacturing, 3-D printing, Control Engineering 

DOE selects Litster for $2 million research grant, College of Engineering News

Even Elon Musk may not be able to make an electric truck work, Wired

Children who live near polluters have twice the risk for asthma, 90.5 WESA (NPR) 

Hau Thai-Tang named executive vice president of product development and purchasing, Ford Motor Company, Ford Motor Company Media Center

Could Pittsburgh become the Silicon Valley of 3D printing?,

CMU scientists help Clairton residents find out what's in their air, The Allegheny Front

The age of electric aviation is just 30 years away, Wired 

Public-private coordination building bridge to pittsburgh's 3D printing future, U.S. News & World Report 

Robots copy their coolest moves from animals, Recode 

Science in the age of experience focuses on digital pathway from concept to production with additive manufacturing symposium,

Gecko-inspired gripper could help robots climb walls, Science 

Printed planes, Plane & Pilot 

Pollution from Canada's oil sands may be underreported, Salon

Reimagining 3D metal printing, Industrial Heating 

Thubber: A magical material for sport?, Training Ground Guru

Wearable exercise system for astronauts wins design challenge top prize, 

Toyota honors three new inductees to its Mothers of Invention program, The Drum 

Pollution scientists fear 'collateral damage' of climate purge, Climate Wire 

Metal 3D printing, SciTech Now (PBS)

South Fayette alum creates low oxygen alert device, Trib Live 

Carnegie Mellon University wins Modeling Challenge for Additive Manufacturing, America Makes

Women's tennis athlete helps develop non-electric dental pump, Carnegie Mellon Athletics  

Samsung isn't saying much about safety ahead of Galaxy S8 debut, Fortune 

With new phone due, Samsung dials down on safety message, Fox Business 

Carnegie Science Awards honor CMU faculty and students, Carnegie Mellon University News 

Researchers bring 'thubber' to life, Rubber & Plastics News 


Winter 2017

Self-driving cars may offer market niche for Pittsburgh Glass Works, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Neuroimaging technology reveals why we choose sustainable products, Medical Xpress

Who's Next: Technology; These 18 people are transforming Pittsburgh, The Incline

Iodine may protect batteries, MIT News 

'Nano-warming' technique could help eliminate organ transplant waiting lists, Digital Trends 

New findings on vesicle formation could pave way for liquid biopsies, better drug delivery devices, Carnegie Mellon University News  

Why benefits of 3D printing are attracting more manufacturers, Search Manufacturing ERP

Fasten your seatbelt for the future of mass transit, The Piper

Why the EPA wants data from Pittsburgh rooftops, 90.5 WESA (NPR)

Stretchable 'thubber' could give electronics soft touch, The Engineer 

Researchers engineer 'thubber,' a stretchable rubber that packs a thermal conductive punch, Science Daily  

3D printing--what's next?, 3D Metal Printing 

Detroit pop-up dinner series protests Trump's travel ban 1 dish at a time, The Salt

Pablo Sanchez Santaeufemia named to Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe Social Entrepreneurs, Forbes 

Wilfred T. Rouleau nominated for CMU alumni service award, Carnegie Mellon Today

This robotic foot helps people pick a better-fitting prosthetic limb, 90.5 WESA (NPR) 

Bowei Tang debutes robot at tech's top tradeshow, Carnegie Mellon Today 

What will 2017 mean for 3D printing with metals?, Manufacturers' Monthly

Thomas Healy named to Forbes 30 Under 30 Energy 2017, Forbes 

2017 will be the year Tesla reigns supreme--or finally flops, Wired 

What does Pittsburgh's love of fireworks mean for air quality?, The Incline 

3D printing & additive manufacturing will grow in 2017: manufacturing processes, Design News