Adam Feinberg is a professor in the departments of Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, and is the principal investigator of the Regenerative Biomaterials & Therapeutics Group. He has been in a faculty position since 2010 and has been fortunate to receive funding from notable sources including the NIH Director’s New Innovator Award, the NSF CAREER Award, and the Human Frontiers Science Program. This has allowed him to rapidly build a group that has trained over 11 Ph.D. students, 11 M.S. students, and five postdoctoral fellows. He has published more than 40 peer-reviewed research articles and filed over 15 patent applications.

Feinberg’s scientific interests are focused on cell-material interactions and understanding how guidance cues can be encoded in the extracellular space to organize multicellular assembly. His background is in materials science and tissue engineering, providing him with a unique skill set to complete this work. His laboratory is investigating protein-based materials composed of nanostructured extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins for application in a range of applications including muscle tissue engineering, corneal repair, and cancer. To tackle these problems they are using tools of nano- and micro-fabrication in concert with molecular biology and 3-D, live-cell imaging of engineered constructs. His lab has recently developed two novel techniques: (i) an ECM shrink-wrapping technique to build a basement membrane around groups of cells and (ii) a 3-D bioprinting approach that dramatically improves the structures that can be biofabricated using soft ECM gels such as collagen and fibrin.

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Breakthrough: 3D printing the human heart

Tissue Engineering: 3-D Printing of the Heart and Arteries

Tissue Engineering: 3-D Printing of the Heart and Arteries

Adam Feinberg Demonstrates 3-D Bioprinting Process

Leveraging 3-D Printing to Repair Damaged Hearts

Patterning on Topography


2004 Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, University of Florida

2002 MS, Biomedical Engineering, University of Florida

1999 BS, Materials Science and Engineering, Cornell University

Media mentions

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Government of Canada’s New Frontiers in Research Fund

Feinberg lab joins international heart disease research collaboration

BME/MSE’s Adam Feinberg and his international colleagues have been awarded $23.6 million by the Government of Canada’s New Frontiers in Research Fund Transformation program to develop cutting-edge regenerative therapies for heart disease.

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Multi-university team building actuators for next gen bio-bots

Multi-university team, led by Mechanical Engineering’s Vickie Webster-Wood, is building actuators for next generation sustainable bio-bots.


Feinberg quoted on lab-grown skin technology

BME/MSE’s Adam Feinberg was quoted in a WIRED article about “edgeless” engineered tissue that Columbia University Medical Center researchers are working on and, recently, successfully transplanted. Feinberg commented on the importance of vascular quality in tissues, and a path for making these technologies more available.

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A path for clinical translation of 3D-bioprinted human tissues

CMU researchers examine what’s happening in the field of 3D bioprinting, core challenges to overcome, and essential milestones on the horizon toward clinical translation.

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Hydrogels pave way for future of soft robotics

Wenhuan Sun, Victoria Webster-Wood, and Adam Feinberg have created an open-source, commercially available fiber extruder to benefit future research with hydrogels and soft robotics.

2022 Faculty Awards announced

The 2022 Engineering Faculty Awards winners have been announced.

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Small package, big potential to help cell-based therapies

Innovative research led by BME’s Rachelle Palchesko and Adam Feinberg is exploring the use of a new cell delivery method to help cells stick and stay where they’re needed most.

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Feinberg quoted on 3D ear technology

BME/MSE’s Adam Feinberg was quoted in a New York Times article about 3D printed ear implants made by 3DBio Therapeutics.

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It takes a heart to make a better lung

A team of collaborators from CMU and Boston University present a human model of heart and lung co-development during embryogenesis using lab-grown human induced pluripotent stem cells.