Michael E. McHenry has expertise in soft magnetic nano-composites for power and energy applications. He studies field processing of materials, and structural and magnetic properties as a function of fields (magnetic, strain), temperature, and frequency. He directed a Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) on high temperature magnetic materials for aircraft power applications. He led an ARPA-E program on magnetic materials for power electronics and worked more than 15 years with Magnetics, Inc., PA before transitioning technologies to NASA Glenn and Fort Wayne Metals, Indiana.

He was a 2013 IEEE Distinguished Lecturer; 2014 TMS Awardee for Research Excellence in Electronic, Magnetic and Photonic Materials Research; and was subject the 2016 TMS Symposium in Honor of M. E. McHenry. He was technical evaluator for the NATO AVT-231 Meeting: Scarcity of Rare Earth Materials for Electrical Power Systems, Brussels, Belgium (Oct. 2014), and continues to advise Rare Earth scarcity. He was a 2016/17 NATO Series Lecturer on Rare Earth Criticality. He served as the General Chair, Editor, Publication Chair, and on Program Committees for the Magnetism and Magnetic Materials and Intermag Conferences. He has more than 350 publications with over 11,000 citations. McHenry co-authored the text Structure of Materials, Cambridge University Press, 2007 and 2012, and has 5 patents in the field.

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Increasing Efficiency with Magnetized Metals


1989 Directors Funded Post-doctoral Fellow, Superconducting Materials, Los Alamos National Laboratory

1988 Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1980 BS, Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, Case Western Reserve University

Media mentions

CMU Engineering

Powering sea to space

Michael McHenry’s latest advancement on cobalt-based metal amorphous nanocomposite materials (MANCs) and their processing makes smaller, more powerful motors possible.

CorePower Magnetics

McHenry, Ohodnicki, and Kernion launch CorePower Magnetics

MSE’s Michael McHenry and MSE alumni Paul Ohodnicki and Samuel Kernion have co-founded and launched CorePower Magnetics Inc., a company with a portfolio of soft magnetic technologies that can have broad implications across grid modernization efforts and electric air, land, and sea vehicles.

CMU Engineering

Revolutionizing robotics with motors

Mike McHenry is applying soft magnetic materials to motors, making them smaller, lighter, and more efficient. These small motors stand to have a have big impact on robotics.

CMU Engineering

Changing the tune of magnetic materials

Professor Michael McHenry is part of a team of researchers receiving the Carnegie Science Award for Advanced Manufacturing and Materials.

McHenry’s MANCs promise significant improvement for motors

Metal amorphous nanocomposite materials (MANCs) created by MSE’s Michael McHenry promise to significantly increase the efficiency and power of motors.

CMU Engineering

Magnetic materials for motors of the future

Michael McHenry and his group have designed a motor that uses soft magnetic materials that are projected to increase efficiencies to exceed 96%.

CMU Engineering

Two students earn Goldwater honors

Created to serve as a living memorial to honor the lifetime work of Senator Barry Goldwater, the Goldwater scholarship provides funding to students pursuing research careers in the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering.

Department of Energy

McHenry collaborates nationally on solar energy

MSE's Michael McHenry collaborated nationally to solve issues about making solar energy production and collection more efficient through use of battery storage of energy.