Jeremy J. Michalek is a professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Engineering and Public Policy. He is the founding director of the Design Decisions Laboratory, founding co-director of the Vehicle Electrification Group, and an active member of the Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making. His research focuses on vehicle electrification (including technology, life cycle assessment, consumer behavior, and public policy), as well as design decision-making (including systems optimization, techno-economic analysis, and green design.

Michalek earned his B.S. from Carnegie Mellon (1999), and his M.S. (2001) and Ph.D. (2005) from the University of Michigan in mechanical engineering. He worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Michigan before beginning his current faculty position at CMU.

Michalek teaches courses in design, product development, economic analysis, entrepreneurship, and optimization. His research has appeared in outlets such as the New York Times, and he has co-authored and presented policy briefs on Capitol Hill. He has earned awards including the ASME Design Automation Committee’s Best Paper Award, the International Journal on Research in Marketing’s Best Article Award, the George Tallman Ladd Research Award for outstanding research and professional accomplishments, the ASME Design Automation Outstanding Young Investigator Award, and the National Science Foundation CAREER Award. He is involved in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), and the Transportation Research Board (TRB).

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Impacts of Ridesourcing Services

Methods for Life Cycle Analyses of Low-Carbon Transportation Fuels

Vehicle Electrification

Electric Vehicle Benefits & Costs in the U.S.

Electric Vehicle Adoption Potential in the U.S.


2005 Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan

2001 MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan

1999 BS, Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

Media mentions

Living Planet Podcast

Michalek quoted on the pros and cons of electric cars

EPP/MechE’s Jeremy Michalek was quoted on the Living Planet podcast on how the electricity source that electric cars use can greatly alter their environmental benefits. Michalek compares electric cars using renewable energy sources and electric cars using energy sources from coal-fired power plants.

The Atlantic

Michalek quoted on Tesla Supercharger adapters

Jeremy Michalek was quoted on the potential benefits of adapters for Tesla Superchargers.

Engineering and Public Policy

Charged to make change

Hannah Morin, a dual Ph.D. major in materials science and engineering and engineering and public policy, began her tenure in GSA as a representative in the assembly for EPP, and has since progressed to vice president of campus affairs, and has now been president of the organization since December 2022.


Michalek quoted in article on the affordability of electric vehicles

MechE/EPP’s Jeremy Michalek spoke with the BBC about electric vehicles’ journey from status symbol to affordable.

CMU Engineering

Anticipating and reducing EV battery supply disruptions

A recent study analyzes the relationship between EV battery chemistry and supply chain vulnerability for four critical minerals across particular countries that are key contributors to production.

Daily Mail

Michalek quoted on the environmental impact of electric vehicles

MechE/EPP’s Jeremy Michalek was quoted saying that the critical factor for electrical vehicles' environmental impact was based on their coal use while recharging.

Michalek fact-checks claims about a supposed ban on gas-powered cars

In an article by, EPP and MechE’s Jeremy Michalek responded to allegations that proposed federal regulations will ban gas-powered automobiles.

CMU Engineering

Shifting gears in the transition to electric vehicles

Electric vehicle emissions costs are anticpated to continue to decline through 2025, after which they will be affected by key factors such as the evolution of the power grid, battery technology, and public policy.

The Verge

Michalek discusses his research on EV adoption in rural communities

EPP/MechE’s Jeremy Michalek discusses his research on EV adoption in rural communities in The Verge. “If electric vehicles are offered as ubiquitously as gasoline vehicles, and if their technology goes where we think it’s going to go, then we would expect roughly half of people to prefer an electric over a gasoline for both cars and SUVs,” he says.

Engineering and Public Policy

The road ahead for EV adoption is made of gravel

Rural Americans face unique challenges in adopting electric vehicles (EVs). A recent study by Jeremy Michalek suggests that advancing technology could drive EV adoption in all communities, including rural ones.


Michalek comments on Trump’s claims about the electric car industry

MechE/EPP’s Jeremy Michalek comments on Trump’s claims about the electric car industry in PolitiFact. Trump says that the car industry will be leaving the United States, but Michalek believes this assertion is “substanceless.”

The Atlantic

Michalek discusses America’s shift to electric vehicles

MechE/EPP’s Jeremy Michalek talks to The Atlantic about America’s shift to electric vehicles. “Jobs at gasoline engine manufacturing plants will shift to jobs at electric motor and battery plants,” he says.