24-371   Special Topics: Design of Machine Elements

Location: Pittsburgh

Units: 12

Semester Offered: Spring

In this class, the students will gain an understanding of the best practices in the design of machine elements such as shafts, gears, power screws, fasteners, brakes/couplings, flywheels, bearings, etc. The course material consists of the study of stress and deflection under common loading conditions, effect of material properties, static and fatigue failure models, cost considerations, and manufacturability in the context of the machine components. Student learning will be achieved through interactive lectures on underlying technical approaches in conjunction with a group project where students will be required to design and fabricate an ensemble of machine elements. Students will also learn about the strong connections between theory, analytical methods, available computational tools, and field design. Assessment of the learning objectives will happen via homework, class exams, and demonstration of the group project. This course builds upon the skills and methods taught in Design-I (24-370) and will help students prepare to enter the modern workplace where mechanical design takes place.