Undergraduate courses

The Department of Mechanical Engineering’s undergraduate courses are listed below. Additional details about the curriculum and degree requirements are available in the official Carnegie Mellon University undergraduate catalog.

Course listing

Traditionally, engineering education tries to balance the technical fundamentals that engineers will need during their career and the professional skills that they need to start functioning as engineers upon graduation. The dynamic nature of the engineering enterprise makes it impossible to teach our students everything they need to know to function over the course of their careers. Their education should include a strong set of fundamentals and the recognition of the need for and the ability to continually learn.

An effective engineering curriculum focuses on the core of  mechanical engineering: analysis, design, and manufacture of systems at all scales. A flexible curriculum has been introduced that emphasizes the fundamentals and gives students significant choice in designing their academic agenda to meet their career goals. Several unrestricted electives allow students to pursue diverse career options.  Our curriculum also features novel integrated courses that better prepare students to deal with real-world engineering problems by highlighting the interplay between engineering design and analysis. We also  offer multidisciplinary and applications-oriented courses that bring students closer to engineering practice.

Course Course Name Location Units Semester Offered
24-101 Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering Pittsburgh 12 Fall, Spring
24-104 Maker Series I: Intro to Modern Making Pittsburgh 3 Fall, Spring
24-105 Special Topics: Maker Series: Intro to Laser Cutting & Engraving Pittsburgh 1 Fall, Spring
24-200 Maker Series: Intro to Manual Machining Pittsburgh 1 Fall, Spring
24-204 Special Topics: Maker Series: Intro to Metal Jewelry Pittsburgh 3 Fall, Spring
24-205 Special Topics: Maker Series: Intro to Welding Pittsburgh 2 Fall, Spring
24-206 Special Topics: Maker Series: Intro to Wood Working Pittsburgh 3 Fall, Spring
24-207 Special Topics: Maker Series: Intro to CNC Router Pittsburgh 1 Fall, Spring
24-210 Special Topics: Maker Series: Inventive Projects - Independent and Group Study Pittsburgh Variable Fall, Spring
24-212 Special Topics: Maker Series: Make It Move Pittsburgh 9 Intermittent
24-214 IDeATe Special Topics: Mazes Pittsburgh 9 Fall
24-221 Thermodynamics Pittsburgh 10 Fall
24-231 Fluid Mechanics Pittsburgh 10 Spring
24-251 Electronics for Sensing and Actuation Pittsburgh 3 Fall, Spring
24-261 Mechanics I: 2D Design Pittsburgh 10 Fall
24-262 Mechanics II: 3D Design Pittsburgh 10 Spring
24-291 Environmental Systems on a Changing Planet Pittsburgh 9 Fall
24-292 Renewable Energy Engineering Pittsburgh 9 Spring
24-300 Maker Series: Intro to CNC Machining Pittsburgh 2 Fall, Spring
24-302 Mechanical Engineering Seminar Pittsburgh 2 Fall, Spring
24-311 Numerical Methods Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-321 Thermal-Fluids Experimentation Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-322 Heat Transfer Pittsburgh 10 Fall
24-351 Dynamics Pittsburgh 10 Fall
24-352 Dynamic Systems and Controls Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-354 Special Topics: Gadgetry: Sensors, Actuators, and Processors Pittsburgh 9 Fall
24-356 Introduction to Vibrations with Applications Pittsburgh 9 Spring
24-358 Special Topics in Culinary Mechanics Pittsburgh 9 Intermittent
24-370 Mechanical Design: Methods and Applications Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-371 Special Topics: Design of Machine Elements Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-381 Environmental Systems on a Changing Planet: Science & Engineering Addendum Pittsburgh 3 Fall
24-391 Mechanical Engineering Project Pittsburgh Variable Fall, Spring
24-392 Mechanical Engineering Project Pittsburgh Variable Fall, Spring
24-425 Combustion and Air Pollution Control Pittsburgh 9 Intermittent
24-441 Product Design Pittsburgh 12 Fall, Spring
24-451 Feedback Control Systems Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-452 Mechanical Systems Experimentation Pittsburgh 9 Fall
24-491 Department Research Honors Pittsburgh Variable Fall, Spring
24-492 Department Research Honors Pittsburgh Variable Fall, Spring
24-612 Cardiovascular Mechanics Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-614 Microelectromechanical Systems Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-618 Special Topics: Computational Analysis of Transport Phenomena Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-623 Molecular Simulation of Materials Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent, Spring
24-626 Air Quality Engineering Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-628 Energy Transport and Conversion at the Nanoscale Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-629 Direct Solar and Thermal Energy Conversion Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent, Spring
24-631 Thermal Design Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-642 Fuel Cell Systems Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-650 Special Topics in Applied Finite Element Analysis Pittsburgh 12 Fall, Intermittent, Spring
24-651 Material Selection for Mechanical Engineers Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-655 Cellular Biomechanics Pittsburgh 9 Intermittent
24-658 Image-Based Computational Modeling and Analysis Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-663 Special Topics: Biomechanics of Human Movement Pittsburgh 12 Fall, Spring
24-672 Special Topics in DIY Design and Fabrication Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-673 Soft Robots: Mechanics, Design and Modeling Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-680 Quantitative Entrepreneurship: Analysis for New Technology Commercialization Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-681 Computer-Aided Design Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-683 Design for Manufacture and the Environment Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-688 Introduction to CAD and CAE Tools Pittsburgh 12 Fall